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Important change to insurance claims

Please contact us if you are needing to lodge a contents insurance claim for your hearing aid/s so that we can assist you in the process. A recent agreement between IAG branded insurance companies (AMI, State, NZI, Lumley) and Triton means if you claim for a damaged or lost hearing, you will be...

Read more >> Posted on Wednesday 20th September, 2017 at 12:01 pm

Welcome Ruth

We are delighted to welcome Ruth Hope to the team at Hearing Excellence. Ruth is an experienced audiologist and is a full member of the New Zealand Audiological Society. This means she is accredited by ACC, Ministry of Health and Veterans' Affairs. Ruth has a background in both paediatric and...

Read more >> Posted on Wednesday 16th August, 2017 at 06:42 pm

Farewell Virginia

We have had another departure at Hearing Excellence with Virgina recently leaving to live in Canada. Virgina joined the clinical team as an audiologist in 2013. She brought with her a range of experience from both public and private settings, including paediatric and international volunteer work....

Read more >> Posted on Wednesday 2nd August, 2017 at 06:28 pm

Farewell Ashleigh

We have recently farewelled Ashleigh, one of our audiologists, as she set off for new experiences in the UK. Ashleigh has been a very valuable member of our team since 2015. She brought a lot of warmth, genuine caring and empathy to Hearing Excellence and we know she will be greatly missed by not...

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Website changes

We've recently made some changes to our website, to make it work better on mobiles and tablets. We'll be continuing to makes improvements over the next few weeks. We are also now active on Facebook - please join us there for more news and advice!  

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Sandra and Jeanine have just attended a conference in Melbourne about tinnitus and sound hypersensitivity. Hearing aids are still the best option for those with hearing loss and some ear noises.

Read more >> Posted on Sunday 8th November, 2015 at 08:55 pm