How Hearing Excellence can help you

No one really wants to wear a hearing aid, but to avoid embarrassment and frustration it is sometimes necessary. Most people are pleasantly surprised by the ease of use and hearing better makes them feel better too.

A hearing loss can cause people to feel isolated and frustrated because they cannot hear what people are saying. They may find themselves frequently asking people to repeat themselves, or be accused of shouting and having the TV too loud. Sometimes people with hearing loss just stop listening which is very unhealthy psychologically.

If you think you may not be hearing as well as you used to, book an appointment at Hearing Excellence Ltd and have your hearing tested.

If you have a hearing loss which would benefit from a hearing aid, the audiologist will discuss with you the different hearing aids that are available and then organise a trial.

Hearing aids can last for 5 to 8 years, sometimes more, and during that time you will need to have regular check-ups with your audiologist.

If you are unsure about hearing aids, we have a lot more information for you to look through and think about. The links to the right take you pages with summaries of this, and you can also download longer articles to read offline.

Once you're ready, please feel free to book an appointment to discuss your situation further with an audiologist.