What do the hearing tests show?

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After the testing is complete, the audiologist will explain the results to you in an easy-to-understand manner. If the testing shows that you have hearing loss, they will also discuss the options available to you to help improve your hearing such as simple communication strategies, or assistive listening devices like an amplified telephone. This may or may not include recommending hearing aids. The audiologist can also refer you on to see another health professional if needed.

Following the appointment, you or your GP can be sent a letter explaining what the assessment showed and also a copy of the results.

Severity of hearing loss

There are six categories of hearing loss depending on where your hearing thresholds are on the audiogram: normal, mild, moderate, moderately-severe, severe, and profound. It is possible for the degree of hearing loss to be different across the pitch range, for example, normal hearing in the low pitches with a mild loss in the high pitches.

Example of an audiogram