Do I need a hearing check?

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The symptoms of hearing loss depend on the type and severity of the loss. Some general complaints include:

  • Difficulty understanding speech
  • Needing people to repeat themselves often
  • Difficulty hearing and understanding softly-spoken and higher-pitched voices (women and children)
  • Difficulty hearing and understanding speech when there is background noise (e.g. TV, jug boiling, other people talking)
  • Having to look at people when they are talking to pick up on clues such as facial expressions and lip-reading
  • Having the television and/or radio louder than other people would like
  • Unable to hear high pitched environmental noises such as bird calls, microwave beeps and car indicators

Wax removal

It is a good idea to have your ears checked for wax before attending for a hearing test.  We recommend you see a Specialist Ear Nurse for ear canal suctioning rather than have ear syringing.

The two clinics we recommend are:-

  • Ear Health Canterbury
  • Ear Hygiene Clinic

Ear nurses from these clinics operate  on a Thursday morning clinic at our rooms. You can book with us directly and if travel is an issue we can arrange to see you on the same day.