COVID 19 - How can we help

At Hearing Excellence we take your, as well as our own, health risks seriously.  As per Ministry of Health recommendations, we ask you not to attend if you have a fever, especially with any other symptom like a cough, breathing trouble, rash, diarrhoea, or vomiting issues.  If well enough to come in, we have handwash for you to use on entry and exit and we have removed all magazines and toys that might share germs.  We advise you to bring your own reading resources - sorry to those who enjoyed our great magazines to date!

Space in the waiting room is maximised and our otherwise usual, very high standards of hygiene continue.  To help you avoid contact if at risk, or if you are in self-isolation or lockdown, just phone us and we can post out betteries or filters to you... or friends and family could bring broken aids in for you.

We wish everyone well over the next weeks and please don't hesitate to phone if you need hearing help, as we will try to sort out any issues for you.

Let's all try to help each other out as much as we can over the next tricky while, for as the proverb says "E kore e taea e te ra te waru"....Difficult matters require time to deal with them.