Service update March 24

With the raising of the COVID 19 alert level, Audiology services are not deemed an “essential health service” and the risk of infection in continuing face-to face appointments is too high to be acceptable.

We close at 5pm today Tuesday 24th March and cannot offer any more appointments until this emergency situation is over. We have already postponed routine appointments and are just getting the last hearing aid fittings done today for lost and replacement aids.

In emergencies you can buy batteries at supermarkets.

If your hearing aid has a broken tube or is otherwise malfunctioning please phone us on 379 3366 and leave a clear phone number and name with your message and we will be monitoring calls to see if we can do anything to help you.

Hearing aid companies are closing down so repairs at their factories might be impossible for the next few weeks.

We wish you well for the next while and look forward to catching up again next month.