Level 2

Ready to go!! … although with Level 2 restrictions.

As a small, independent, locally owned health business, we felt very relieved with the announcement of the move to Covid Level 2 restrictions this week. Thanks to everyone who did the right thing and helped us make it.

This change means that we can see patients again in clinic from Thursday, although both you - and we - will have to monitor our physical distancing and keep up the ultra-good hygiene standards. We will not have the visiting ear nurse this month and open clinics will be need to be managed carefully, as we can have no more than 4 people in our waiting room at a time.

We suggest you do not come in early for appointments, as there are no lovely books or cups of tea on offer for now … and some patients may be asked to stay in their cars until others leave … as we work to keep you all as safe as possible.

As there is a backlog of 7 weeks of bookings and recalls, please do have patience with us as we endeavour to see those who need us in a timely and orderly manner. Luckily, we managed to remotely care for about 120 of our “Ferry Rd family”, who needed batteries, repairs or advice over the lock-down weeks and so we hope that should have helped us reduce repair demand at re-opening time.

If you are feeling a bit shy about coming out to see us – don’t feel bad – it is quite ok and we are happy to see you when you are ready. We can even do some home visits if required.

All of the team is really looking forward to seeing our patients again and getting back to some normality. Call us if you need something and let’s see what can do to help you and your hearing.

Best wishes Jeanine, Sandra, Helen, Ruth, Ashleigh, Nancy, Jude and Brenda